• Ascorderm is specially formulated to harness and use the antioxidant, protective and stimulative power of Vitamin C to reduce free radical damage and to help repair your skin.

    Ascorderm is manufacturered by Biopelle. Biopelle is an innovative aesthetics company committed to helping customers realize their full potential. How? With products developed through the science of aesthetics, with breakthrough technology.

    In a clinical study, Ascorderm with Vitamin C was applied to human skin and tested hourly over a 12 hour period to determine its stability.

    Results: after topical application of the formulation, the ascorbic acid level achieved was 8.5 times the normal tissue value and remained constant when a topical application was applied every 8 hours.

    Conclusion: Ascorderm penetrates rapidly after its topical application and provides a stable and persistent reservoir of L-Ascorbic Acid for your skin to use.

    Ascorderm Contouring Serum XCP uses 10% L-Ascorbic Acid, 2% Phytic Acid, and ROS-Inhibiting Extract Complex to repair significantly discolored, sun damaged skin.