• Are you ready to have flawless skin like a supermodel? It's possible with Astara Skincare. With products made from nature that provide your skin the vitamins and minerals it needs to look its very best, these products also create a soothing experience that nurtures and relaxes the often-neglected largest organ.

    Sunny Griffin, a former supermodel, visualized the line of products that became Astara after seeing first-hand the damage caused to her skin by the high altitude and harsh elements of her Colorado home. Now, everyone who desires perfect skin can benefit from Sunny's years of experience with cosmetics and skin care.Only the very best ingredients make it into Astara products. Some of the featured botanicals included in the skin care line include witch hazel, Calendula and pomegranate.

    To cleanse and hydrate your skin while moisturizing and invigorating, try the Astara Skincare Botanical Cleansing Gele. “It leaves my skin feeling very clean. The citrus smell is invigorating," says a satisfied SkinCareRx customer.

    Astara Skincare Blue Flame Purification Mask helps you take your skin care to the next level with Kaolin clay to minimize oil and draw impurities from your pores. Jen M., another happy SkinCareRx customer, says, “It is great! Cooling, smoothing and nice to leave on spots overnight as well."