• Baby Blanket Suncare
    A division of the Children’s Healthcare Research Group, Baby Blanket Suncare is dedicated to producing the most innovative and effective sunscreens available for babies and toddlers, as well as adults with sensitive skin. By focusing their research efforts on a specific market, Baby Blanket is better able to meet the needs of their customers.

    Founded in 1999 by Dr. Robert Sayre and James Mercer, Baby Blanket Suncare does all their own research, development, and marketing of products. With a large base of bilingual customers, Baby Blanket was the first company in the baby suncare market to clearly label all packaging bilingually, as well as the innovator of unique forms of sunscreen for the baby market, such as towelettes and sunscreen sticks.

    By introducing Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide formulas to baby and toddler sunscreen, Baby Blanket was able to offer new levels of sun protection for children. The towelette and stick forms of sunscreen allow that protection to be applied in an easy and mess-free way to energetic kids.

    Providing sun protection is of the utmost importance to ensure the health and happiness at the end of a day of fun in the sun with kids. With formulas that offer the maximum protection for children, Baby Blanket sunscreens will give you the confidence that delicate skin is protected, leaving everyone free to enjoy the outdoors and sunshine without worry.