• Nothing changes your life more than a baby. At Belli Skin Care, their goal is to help new and expectant mothers through a trusted line of skin care products. The Belli luxury skin care line addresses common concerns including stretch marks and acne. They develop their products after research and screening that ensures they don’t contain harmful ingredients. You’ll have peace of mind knowing they take every precaution and more.

    Belli Acne Clearing Facial Wash uses ingredients naturally found in the body to address pregnancy-related acne. This exfoliating cleanser will leave your skin feeling clear, refined and not over-dry. This product lifts away dirt oil and bacteria using Lactic Acid. Kylie, one SkinCareRx Customer, says: “I have dry, breakout prone skin. I love this product, it never dries my skin out and keeps me clear.”

    Many women fear stretch marks more than any other aspect of pregnancy. Belli Elasticity Belly Oil will keep your skin flexible and firm and minimize any red marks that can result from being pregnant. Twinsonboard, SkinCareRx Customer says: “My sister-in-law gave me a bottle of this to try with my second pregnancy and I didn't get a single stretch mark anywhere!