• COOLA Suncare was originally founded to aid people with skin cancer, and the company has maintained this level of care for customers to this day. Using natural ingredients, COOLA brand products heal and protect the skin from the sun without damaging the environment. The organic extracts, antioxidants, and vitamins in COOLA Skincare products make this brand the best choice for maintaining healthy skin.

    The COOLA Face SPF 30 product with cucumber is perfect for all types of skin, especially aging skin. The cucumber and other ingredients soothe the skin and reduce the redness that can result from exposure to the sun. The product also makes the skin firm, yet soft. One SkinCareRx customer noted that COOLA Face SPF 30 is "Not too heavy, not too drying. Best for my dry-sensitive skin and the smell is lovely!”

    COOLA Skincare products also include the popular COOLA Liplux SPF 15 Vanilla Peppermint. It protects, heals, and soothes lips exposed to the sun. Natural shea, avocado, and raspberry butters nourish the lips, maintaining their natural beauty. According to one Liplux user: "I love this lip balm. It is super moisturizing and not sticky. It has a great scent.” – Nikki, SkinCareRx Customer.

    The superior ingredients of COOLA Suncare products are the best way to protect and maintain any type of skin. The natural, environmentally-safe extracts that go into each COOLA product ensure that eco-conscious consumers can still have the best skin possible. Try COOLA today, and see why COOLA is the best brand for skin protection and health.