• What if you knew that you could kill off 94% of acne-causing bacteria in just six seconds? The light pulsing Claro acne tool offers real promise in the successful treatment of acne. Just one treatment and acne begins to diminish within 24 hours. Compare with other heat and light therapy concepts that can require as much as 20 minutes 2 times a day while producing lesser results.

    Join the 21st Century movement toward treating acne without the traditional pills, lotions, and creams. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Technology uses both heat and light to effectively target acne. CLRS Technology has developed this innovative and safe acne treatment that has quickly become their flagship product. Richard Oberreiter, James Kraushaar, and Richard Clement, M.D. collaborated to create CLRS. The company develops innovative and effective skin treatments.  

    Using pulsed light to treat acne was formerly the exclusive domain of physicians. Now, the Claro brings this exciting concept into the home. Every six seconds a series of light pulses penetrate the skin. There's blue light, red light, and infrared energy. each has its own purpose. The blue light helps to generate oxygen and fight bacteria. The infrared energy generates heat to kill acne bacteria. Finally, red light soothes the skin and reduces inflammation.“On the third day it was barely visible. Normally, my bumps will be visible for about 5 days.”– Tiger818, SkinCareRx Customer. Walk in the footsteps of physicians who have embraced this effective technology for a long time. It will treat your acne safely and painlessly with no fuss.