• Clear Clinical is a customized set of medical grade skin care products designed to fight acne, sensitivity, dryness, and aging. Each product is created to complement one another.

    In association with cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Lisa Kellet M. D., Dermatological Solutions Inc. was founded to provide some of the most beneficial, healthy skin care products available today. After treating thousands of patients and not finding a quality treatment, Dr. Lisa Kellett developed the Clear Clinical Acne Treatment Program to treat her own acne. Due to patient demand, the Clear Clinical line of products was expanded to accommodate all skin types.

    The Clear Clinical Acne Treatment system is specifically formulated for adult acne. It combines pharmaceutical grade Benzoyl Peroxide with natural moisturizers and botanical extracts to heal, smooth, firm, and calm the skin as it fights acne bacteria.

    The Clear Clinical line of products contains treatments for acne, aging, dry skin, sensitive skin, and even dark under-eye circles. Adults no longer have to worry about wrinkles and acne because Clear Clinical addresses both issues.