• Finally there is an acne treatment line that addresses the root of acne. Clearogen stops acne at its source and prevents future breakouts, essentially allowing you to be acne-free, rather than constantly battling blemishes once they appear. Most acne treatments don’t address DHT (Dihydro- Testosterone), a byproduct of Testosterone, made within the skin. It stimulates the oil glands to produce excessive oil and lead to new acne. Clearogen breaks the frustrating acne cycle by addressing this issue.

    Clearogen acne treatment includes three simple steps to clear your skin for good. Clearogen Foaming Cleanser goes deep into the pores, clearing away excess oil, makeup, and dirt, leaving behind a fresh complexion. To prepare the skin for treatment, Clearogen Clarifying Toner reduces pore size and ensures skin clarity. The final, most vital step is the Acne Lotion. The Benzoyl Peroxide version kills acne bacteria with a time-release formula to ensure complete acne reduction, and the Sulfur formula rapidly dries acne blemishes.