• Lipid Recovery Science is a unique line of gentle skin care products formulated to improve the skin's condition before and after chemical treatments and laser procedures.

    Developed by Custom Dermaceuticals, Lipid Recovery Science was created to provide essential treatments for skin conditions, such as dryness, irritation, acne, and wrinkles, as well as promote the healing of the skin after facial procedures.

    Lipid Recovery Science offers concentrated formulas that target specific skin concerns with plant-derived Sphingolipids (structural lipids the skin needs to prevent disease-causing agents from entering), water- and oil-soluble Vitamin C (to maximize antioxidant capabilities), and plant-derived cleansing agents (for gentle cleansing of reactive skin).

    Lipid Recovery Science's flagship product line is the Lipid Recovery Serum, which is available in a face and eye treatment to hydrate and gently repair the lipid barrier of the skin. Other products available are C2S Skin Balancing Serum (for oily and acne-prone skin) and Anhydrous Cleanser (a water-free cleanser for sensitive skin).