• DHC Skincare is an innovative Japanese brand that will completely change how you look at caring for your skin. This may shock some acne sufferers who have religiously stuck to "oil-free" products for years, but here is one of the world's best kept skincare secrets: Like attracts like, and there is no better solution to removing unwanted oils from your skin than by cleansing with oil itself. DHC utilizes olive oil, which will never clog your pores, as the molecules in olive oil are too large to penetrate your pores.

    Enjoying a cult status amongst fashionistas and beauty pros, the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil is the ultimate product for removing makeup and excess oil from your skin. Raves SkinCareRX customer KT, "Hands down, the best cleanser I have ever used. Removes oil, dirt, black heads, very moisturizing!”

    To perfectly prep your skin for makeup and create a foundation that will last all day, try the Velvet Skin Coat. Not only will this primer never break out your skin, but it will give you a gorgeous, photo-ready finish. "Even without makeup it makes the pores look smaller!” says one SkinCareRx Customer.