• The comprehensive DermaNew Skin care line includes products for aging, imperfect, dry, oily, scarred or distressed skin. One of the company's secrets is the use of Corundum Crystals that are ideally sized to polish the skin. These crystals are applied with a battery-operated personalized, resurfacing tool. Damage is smoothed away without seeing the dermatologist. The result is bright and beautiful skin.

    DermaNew Firming Eye Cream successfully takes on those under-eye challenges like dark circles, wrinkles, fine lines, and dryness. Even sensitive skin responds to this innovative eye cream formulation."I just love this stuff. I put it on and the next morning when I woke up and instantly felt a difference in the texture." - Anonymous, SkinCareRx Customer

    The DermaNew Facial Rejuvenation System brings dermatological methods right into your home. A resurfacing tool gently abrades the skin to leave it glowing and radiant. Microdermabrasion essentially polishes away those dead skin cells while also reducing wrinkles and acne. It gently removes debris as well without harming the skin. This innovative system provides the firming and resurfacing tool that has two speeds. Two AA batteries are included. The Facial Rejuvenation Microdermabrasion Creme is a part of the kit along with one triangle foam applicator and two round foam applicators.