• You’re only three simple steps away from completely flawless, scar concealment. Dermaflage is a topical perfecting filler that hides scars on the face and body without surgery or injections. 100% safe and recommended by dermatologists, Dermaflage gives you back your confidence. Invented by former Hollywood makeup artist and world-renowned facial prosthetic specialist Matt Singer, Dermaflage is the answer to concealing scars on the face and body in minutes.

    Dermaflage carries a complete scar concealing kit for every skin tone, making the results appear completely natural, like your own skin. Dermaflage Starter Scar Kit – Hispanic is ideal for those with tan complexions with olive undertones. Not just limited to traditional scars, Dermflage also conceals acne scars with the Starter Acne Kit, also available in a range of skin tones.