• Donell has been discontinued. M2 is a comparable skin care line.

    Donell is an innovative skin care line that uses a specialized formula trusted by dermatologists and plastic surgeons to combat the signs of skin aging, accelerate skin repair, and reduce skin inflammation.

    Founded in 1989, Donell is the first cosmeceutical company to develop and distribute topical non-steroidal products with the key ingredient, Mucopolysaccharide-cartilage Complex (MCC). In 2004, Donell acquired Super Skin, forming a complete product line that helps soften the harmful effects of sun, acne and aging, improve the healing and appearance of scars, and promote skin recovery following plastic surgery and medical procedures.

    Donell skin care products have been formulated by prominent chemists to maximize the efficient release of the MCC into the skin. MCC has potent anti-inflammatory effects as well as the ability to accelerate wound healing and reduce the signs of skin aging. All Donell products are also safe and easy to use over prolonged periods of time with no side effects.

    Donell products have three main purposes: to accelerate the wound healing process following dermatologic and surgical procedures; to alleviate inflammation caused by skin conditions and diseases, chemical and radiation treatments, allergies, prolonged stress or exposure to the elements; and to rejuvenate, hydrate and slow the skin's aging process.