• You love how you look after a Glycolic Peel but it’s the after effects that worry you. Glycolix Skincare products help build your tolerance to Glycolic Acid without damage or irritation. You’re assured home-care with confidence through Glycolix products developed by Topix Pharmaceuticals, a 20-year leader in skin care.

    Glycolix Elite blends ultra-pure and non-buffered Glycolic Acid, Vitamins A, C and E, Green Tea Extract and Co-Q10 into unique products that protect your skin from free-radical damage. These products exfoliate the dead outer layer of your skin and moisturize, too. Consider nourishing your skin through a simple one-step patented pad system with Glycolix Elite Treatment Pads 20%. This 20 percent formulation of Glycolic Acid combined with Vitamins A, C, E and Co-Q10 can minimize fine lines and wrinkles, prevent acne, and help correct uneven skin tone. One SkinCareRX customer says: "It reduces breakouts and makes your skin look very fresh, very quickly. The best money you could ever spend on your skin.”

    Top off your skin care with a light cream formulated from the same combination of anti-oxidants with Glycolix Elite Facial Cream 20%. "It makes my skin look so smooth and my makeup glides on effortlessly,” says SkinCareRX customer Joann. "I wouldn't be without this product.”