• Troubled skin requires more than just your basic cleansers and creams. Treat stubborn skin conditions such as acne or Keratosis Pilaris ("chicken skin") with the power of Glycolic Acid. Developed by skin experts Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmetique, Glytone Skincare utilizes high concentrations of Glycolic Acid to treat even the most problematic skin conditions, leaving users with the smooth and even skin that they have always dreamed of.

    The new Antioxidant line from Glytone treats skin with the rejuvenating power of Vitamins E, C, and Red Tea antioxidants, which encourages cell turnover, thereby fighting signs of aging.

    In addition to these fantastic new antioxidant-based products, classic Glytone favorites continue to have life changing impacts for those struggling with stubborn or problematic skin. The Step-Up Mild Gel Wash is a perfect solution for those with acne or general unevenness. It sloughs away dead skin thanks to the Glycolic Acid, but is oil-free and will balance skin's delicate pH balance. "After the first week, my skin stopped breaking out and became so smooth and even toned," says Annie, a SkinCareRX customer.

    The top solution for customers battling Keratosis Pilaris - those unsightly raised red bumps on the upper arms and thighs - is the Retexturize Exfoliating Body Wash. "This product changed everything. Anytime someone touches my arms, I am told that I have the softest skin ever. It is great," says SkinCareRX customer Carolyn.