• Find your center and get gorgeous locks with Hamadi organic hair care lines. A meditated brainchild of celebrity hair stylist and founder Jamal Hammadi, this modern and simple, yet luxurious hair care line is formulated with 100% organic essential oils and natural plant extracts. The company can boast that their hair care products are entirely biodegradable, are never tested on animals, and do not use any artificial ingredients, colors or perfumes. Hamadi-treated hair is designed to look and smell positively enlightened and in-tune, the way nature intended.

    Mr. Hammadi’s professional styling experience working with the over-processed, chemically-treated hair of his celebrity clientele, drove him formulate simpler beauty products. With indulgent and natural ingredients like Honey, Ginger, and Soymilk these inspired shampoos, conditioners, and more, are absolutely zen-ful, crafted to imitate the healthful decadence that is distinctly Californian.

    Have your daily or weekly sublime repair treatment with the Hamadi Shea Hair Mask, featuring Aloe Vera to silken and Avocado Oil to hydrate hair. Or ditch your straw-like locks with Hamadi Healing Serum enriched with Olive Oil. Hamadi dares its customers to get emotional about their hair care routines because our locks are a part of our beings.