• Have you been wondering what it is about hair that makes men swoon and women envious? Tresses that mirror the luxury of hand-woven silk and gleam with a glorious satin sheen tend to be both elusive and hard to come by. Keratene, however, can restore radiance, invigorate vitality, and infuse your hair with the lustrous health you've been craving.

    Developed by Hairclinics in the Netherlands, Keratene seeks to recreate a full, healthy head of hair for all users of its products. After years of research regarding the causes and possible solutions of alopecia androgenetica, or baldness, Keratene developed a line of products specifically to target the contributing factors of hair loss, including genetics.

    Keratene has helped reveal that dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and follicle inflammation are the two main causes of hair loss in both men and women. Together, a team of trichologists, bio-experts, medical personnel, and hair stylists created a line of four products that can be bought separately or within sets to treat both existing hair loss and hair transplant recipients. By using modern tools, facilities, and paraben-free formulas, Keratene offers natural, comfortable solutions to hair loss.

    If you've undergone a hair transplant and need a little extra t.l.c., the HydroCell Natural After Care Serum might just be the miracle product you need. Let Keratene inspire and prove that healthy, beautiful hair is possible.