• Korres, a leading retailer in natural products, stands firm in the tradition of healthy ingredients and healthy products for beauty, skin, and body care. The popular Wild Rose Brightening Regimen Kit combines five favorites with radiance-boosting Wild Rose, while the decadent Guava Body Butter gives your body a soft, smooth, and healthy glow.

    This Greek company was established in 1996 to provide a full line of skin and earth-friendly products. Established out of Greece's oldest homeopathic pharmacy, Korres combines clinically-proven results without the use of possibly harmful synthetic compounds.

    Korres products feature purified water from a unique double reverse osmosis process, normally found only in pharmaceutical-grade products. The products contain natural, active ingredients like Evening Primrose, Sage, and Yogurt.

    Korres offers skin and body care products that heal a multitude of skin issues, including repairing sun damage, reducing dehydration, clearing acne, and brightening the skin.