• Instantly minimize pain with dermatologist-recommended LMX-4. It is an anesthetic numbing cream that offers long-lasting and fast-acting relief of skin irritations.

    Founded over 100 years ago, Ferndale Laboratories has created a powerful topical anesthetic cream available over-the-counter with the LMX-4 line. Dedicated to continuously serving the changing needs of the medical community, Ferndale works with renowned medical and pharmaceutical professionals to create unique and valuable products.

    With the active ingredient of Lidocaine 4%, LMX-4 helps to relieve pain from minor skin irritations with a topical numbing effect, beginning at the nerve endings. LMX-4 works best when mixed with skin surface oils. When applied to the skin, it immediately cools and soothes away pain and irritation.

    Everything from bug bites, sunburns, and minor cuts and scrapes can be treated with LMX-4 for instant relief from pain and discomfort.