• Born from an ecologically-conscious goal and desire to be both chic and effective, Logona Natural Cosmetics strives to set itself apart from other beauty product companies. Logona was founded by a group of friends in Hanover, Germany in the mid-1970s during a vast ecological movement. Although the group’s original idea was to import products, they soon began to manufacture their own homemade remedies for skin.

    Logona specializes in facial care, hair care, and body care products for all skin types, including mature, dry, sensitive, hyper-pigmented, and oily. From the star “FREE” line, the Logona FREE Deo Spray gives you a fresh, just-showered smell and contains no additives or artificial fragrances.

    While the size and popularity their lines have grown, (today they produce over 200 natural personal care and cosmetic products) its altruistic principles remain the same. Logona follows strict quality and ingredient standards, allowing for only the finest finished products to reach the consumer. Featuring premium vegetable oils and ingredients such as Bamboo to smooth the skin and Melissa Extract to soothe irritation, Logona products always pass the BDIH certified natural standards of German skin care. All product packaging is recyclable and products are tested on willing human subjects, never on animals.