• The Luminaze brand of products was developed by Syneron Medical Ltd., a world leader in the production of skin care products. The company has a consistent track record of making high quality treatments for the skin, which allows users get professional results right at home.

    Getting skin that is evenly toned and appears luminous doesn't require you to undergo harsh treatments. Luminaze lightens the skin thanks to an enzyme which attacks the dark spots. You can see results after just a few days of using it. The main ingredient in the product is all natural, derived from a mushroom that is only found in the Swiss Alps. Tests have shown that the enzyme produced by this mushroom can help break down melanin concentrations, resulting in a more even skin color.

    Luminaze Skincare Catalytic Skin Tone Illuminator lightens your skin without risking irritation. The Illuminator is specially formulated to be gentle so you can use it every day. Clinical tests have shown that it can offer faster and more efficient results than the top prescription treatment, at a much lower cost and with no irritation.