• You may have heard that beauty is only skin deep. M.D. Forte believes beauty is much more than skin deep. However, you must treat more than the surface of your skin to bring out that beauty. M.D. Forte reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, hydrates skin, protects skin from sun damage, and helps improve skin with a tendency toward oiliness or acne. Recently, Allergan has developed Vivite, a new line of Glycolic Acid-based formulas with the addition of powerful antioxidants, providing increased results.

    Allergan’s M.D. Forte Skin Care system for caring for your skin has its roots in twenty years of research into Glycolic Acid. This research produced products high in AHA, creating beautiful skin without irritating the skin in the process.

    The premier ingredient in these products products, Glycolic Acid, is an AHA derived from sugar cane. The special processes for using Glycolic Acid produces a higher concentration of Glycolic Acid, with a pH close to that of human skin. The result is beautiful results without irritation.

    M.D. Forte Facial Cleanser III is great for mature skin that needs a little assistance in looking young and smooth. It’s also great for those who suffer hyperpigmentation or acne scars, as it reduces the appearance of these conditions. It breaks down the dead skin on the surface to allow fresh, soft skin to appear. "My skin has NEVER been this clear!" says SkinCareRx Customer, Anonymous. M.D. Forte Facial Cream III is great for sensitive skin, as well as dehydrated and mature skin, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and acne scars. It’s also great for skin that just doesn’t seem to respond to other treatments. "I have sensitive skin and this product doesn't irritate it and love the way it makes my skin look....moisturized and glowing," says SkinCareRx Customer, Mary.