• Mesoestetic Skincare is dedicated to bringing you skin treatments specifically designed for uneven skin pigmentation. Their Cosmelan Lightening Treatment evens skin tone, helping alleviate sun spots, acne discoloration, age spots and fluctuations in hormones, while also helping to prevent future discoloration.

    Mesoestetic has spent years researching skincare and developing solutions to common skin problems in their laboratories. The Cosmelan product line is a result of their research on skin pigmentation discoloration. Cosmelan 2 is the latest in skin pigmentation correction, with a range of every day skincare products like moisturizers, cleansers, toners and other products to aid in skin's appearance.

    Mesoestetic Cosmelan 2 Maintenance Depigmentation Cream is a great solution for hyperpigmentation, or dark spots on the skin. With ingredients to greatly reduce these spots and prevent future spots from surfacing, it's no wonder customers are satisfied with their results. Nina, a SkinCareRx customer, says "I have tried many different products for my skin pigmentation and Cosmelan 2 is the only one of them that actually worked!"

    Mesoestetic Skincare also offers Hydra-vital Factor K, a light, soothing cream with antioxidants and amino acids to nourish and protect skin's appearance and health. An anonymous SkinCareRx customer raves, "My hyperpigmentation is lightened and my skin is healed. Faster than using a lightening cream!"