• Microplane Skincare designs top-quality foot files and other skin care accessories. The company’s skincare line is an extension of it’s origins in hardware and kitchenware development. Microplane utilizes new technology to create a foot file that is both gentle and effective. Through a photo-etching process, the file’s teeth are razor-sharp and fine. As a result, the file cuts cleanly rather than tearing or shredding the skin. You are left with soft, supple feet free from rough, dry, dead skin.

    Compared to other common foot files, exfoliating products and pumice stones, the Microplane foot file is highly effective for removing dead skin. The file’s design exfoliates skin as it works, leaving your feets smooth and silky soft.

    The Foot File is not only an effective tool, but cute enough for anyone’s makeup bag. Its curved handle and paddle shape makes it easy to hold and use. Removes calluses on the feet quickly and cleanly.” – Anonymous, SkinCareRx Customer.