• For skincare that is physician-strength yet gentle, NeoStrata Skincare is the ultimate solution for treating a myriad of skin problems, from signs of aging to acne. NeoStrata products are dermatologist tested and allergen, dye, and fragrance free. Developed by two skin care experts in the late eighties, this innovative line uses only the best in Alpha Hydroxy Acid formulas, and harnesses the power of Glycolic Acid to encourage cell turnover and new skin development.

    No matter what your skincare needs are, just about every skin type can benefit from the NeoStrata Facial Cleanser. Gentle and oil-free, this cleanser will remove all makeup and impurities, prepping your skin for whatever treatment or moisturizer you are using. "I love this product! It works very well and keeps my skin feeling soft and smooth and doesn’t dry it out,” says one SkinCareRX customer.

    If Glycolic Acid is too harsh for your skin, you can still benefit from the power of exfoliants. NeoStrata Bio-Hydrating Cream utilizes Gluconolactone, a polyhydroxy acid (PHA), an AHA that is ideal for sensitive skin types. Says Kerry, a SkinCareRX customer, "it's not too heavy and exfoliates so gently, it makes you look fabulous.”

    Please Note: Due to various foreign, regulatory, and legal considerations, NeoStrata, Exuviance, CoverBlend brand products cannot be sold or shipped outside the United States.