• Ole Henriksen believes that your beauty on the inside should reflect on the outside. Henriksen's line of skin care products combines natural botanicals with science to create gentle, yet effective products for treating many skin problems, including acne, aging, oiliness, and dryness.

    Henriksen struggled with cystic acne in his youth. He searched for ways to cure his skin problems and worked with an esthetician who gave him natural treatments that healed his skin. With a clear complexion, Henriksen moved to London to pursue degrees in skin care and cosmetic chemistry.

    Henriksen began in his kitchen, making clay masks to tighten pores, mixing aloe gels to soothe puffy eyes, using eucalyptus oils to clear acne, and licorice extracts to fade sun spots. He believes that the best skin care benefits come from nature.

    The Ole Henriksen product line contains products to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, soothe puffiness, clear acne, exfoliate the skin, and hydrate and nourish the hair.