• Your skin care routine shouldn't stop when you apply your makeup. Mineral cosmetics from Pur Minerals are carefully formulated with natural ingredients that will improve the health and condition of your skin while brightening and smoothing out your complexion in order to simplify your routine.Pur Minerals cosmetics lead the field of beautifying makeup designed to clarify and improve skin health. As each product is designed, it is tested not only on ease of use, but also on its ability to improve skin fitness with its optimal mineral formulations.

    In addition to the natural minerals found in every Pur Minerals makeup product, other nourishing ingredients are included such as vitamin E and shea butter. Petroleum-based oils, chemical dyes, talc, fragrance and other fillers have no place in any of the company's products. Pur Minerals 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup Foundation with SPF-15 is the perfect base for every look. The shea oil and vitamin E condition your skin, and the SPF formulation protects you from powerful UV rays.For extra deep cleaning and a powerful yet gentle boost to your skin care regimen, try adding the Pur Minerals Mineral Mudd Masque to exfoliate your skin and draw out any impurities.