• Everyone experiences aging skin on the face and eye area, but many believe they simply have to live with these changes. If you’re ready to battle the signs of aging and reactivate youth, your solution is Rejuve MD. Created by board certified dermatologist, Alex Khadavi, Rejuve MD is much more than your ordinary, dime-a-dozen, anti-aging skin care line. It utilizes Human Growth Factors, found in youthful skin, to actually stimulate skin to act like its previous younger state. Bio-identical growth factors send messages to your skin cells to repair collagen elastin naturally. This reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and firms and lifts the skin.

    Rejuve MD consists of two super potent skin care products. To reduce the signs of aging on your entire face, try Rejuve MD Anti-Aging Face Treatment. With only a small amount, twice daily, this super-charged serum leaves the skin smooth, tight, and line-free. For pesky puffiness, dark circles, sagging, and crow’s feet, try Rejuve MD Anti-Aging Eye Treatment.