• Emerge and reveal softer, healthier, more luminous skin with the unique and proven formulas of Remergent's prevention, repair, and restoration products for all skin types.

    Remergent was created by AGI Dermatics, which has led the field in research of DNA skin repair for over 20 years. Founded by molecular biologist, Daniel B. Yarosh, AGI Dermatics created Remergent to fill that vast void for effective and healthy skin care therapies.

    Using a specifically engineered liposome delivery system, Remergent delivers powerful active ingredients into the skin to deliver fast and visible results. These ingredients then, in turn, promote self-healing, reverse cell-dysfunction, and aid the skin in resisting future damage.

    Products such as Remergent's star, the DNA Repair Formula, have bypassed other similar products to aid in repairing past sun damage and protecting it from future assaults. You can also find targeted treatments for wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and dryness.

    Remergent has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Boske Dermaceuticals Molecular Repair uses a comparable technology to Remergent's flagship product, DNA Repair Formula. It is highly recommended to combat aging by offering DNA skin cell protection.