• When it comes to hair loss and re-growth, you don’t have to take risks to gain results. Revivogen is an all natural, scientifically proven hair loss treatment that stops hair loss at its source. Developed by a dermatologist, Reviogen stimulates hair follicles to grow hair at its previous healthy rate. The cause of hair loss can be attributed to DHT (Dihydro-Testosterone). It causes the weakening of hair follicles and eventual hair loss over time. Revivogen serum prevents DHT's attachment to the hair follicle and activates hair growth.

    The Revivogen scalp therapy system is simple. Comprised of three products, it nourishes, strengthens, and thickens the hair, leaving it healthy, voluminous, and shiny. Revivogen shampoo deep cleanses and fortifies the scalp, allowing hair to grow properly. Revivigen conditioner strengthens the hair from root to tip, preventing hair breakage. Revivogen serum protects the hair you have now, and actually helps re-grow hair by preventing DHT from attaching to the hair follicles.