• One of the leaders in the fight against hair loss, Rogaine has been helping men and women to effectively treat hair loss since the 1980s. As the only FDA-approved topical treatment, Rogaine is always the first name to trust in hair regrowth.

    While studying the ingredient that would become the active in Rogaine for other indications, scientists happened upon the discovery that it had the ability to regrow hair. Rogaine was the first company to apply this ingredient toward creating a product that fights against hair loss.

    Minoxidil is the active ingredient that stimulates hair regrowth. It does so by reinvigorating hair follicles that have become reduced in size, which plays a role in hair loss. Once these follicles are invigorated, it helps to increase their size which will lead to the regrowth of thicker hair over time.

    Rogaine products are available without a prescription, and are the only FDA-approved topical products for hair regrowth. Stop worrying about hair loss, and take matters into your own hands with these innovative and effective treatments.