• Developed by two moms and a dermatologist dad, Shady Day Skincare is the proud creator of the first ever sunscreen wipe. After struggling to effectively and quickly put sunscreen on their children, Shady Day was born. Their focus is on making product easily accessible, easy to apply and also mild enough for young ones. As parents themselves, they understand the importance of all natural products for children that can easily be pulled from a purse or diaper bag.

    Shady Day Skincare offers sunscreens that are easy to apply, safe on the skin and perfect for small children. The Shady Day Daily Sun Protection Face Stick offers a portable, easy to apply sunscreen perfect for last minute outings or additional applications. It's great for easily missed areas like ears, noses and lips!

    The Kiss Lip Balm prevents chapped, dry, sunburned lips. It also looks amazing over any lipstick or lip stain. It has SPF 30 protection, so it's sure to keep your lips pampered and sunburn free! “I really like it. It does make my lips soft and relieves chapping.” - Anonymous, SkinCareRx Customer.