• Solar PF Cream Sunscreen SPF 50 features a waterproof formula that offers up to 80 minutes of sunburn protection in the water. Among the active ingredients in this Solbar sunscreen is Oxybenzone, which affords added protection specifically from long wave UV light. Those who are photoallergic or photosensitive will especially benefit from this feature. A satisfied SkinCareRx Customer says, “Protects well and is easy to apply.”

    Solbar Shield SPF 40 is highly water resistant formulation that includes two active ingredients that combine to protect the user from both UVA and UVB rays. Titanium Dioxide and Micronized Zinc Oxide together protect not only the skin's surface, but also the underlying tissue. Use this sun shield to avoid damage to skin cells and inflammation caused by harmful Ultraviolet light. This formulation is unscented. It contains no synthetic sunscreen agents and it is hypoallergenic. Solbar Shield is also rich in both Vitamin E and Aloe. Together, these ingredients hydrate and soften the skin while leaving a non-greasy feel. It will create a UV barrier that is natural, soothing, and transparent. “I love this sun screen and it's not greasy, it's zinc; a mineral that happens to be good for your skin and will not cause breakouts.” – Ruth, SkinCareRx Customer