• Sovage is a popular skin care line that specializes in anti-aging treatments. Its advanced Idebenol Facial Anti-Oxidant is a 100% Idebenone-free formula that brings new life to mature skin by increasing the skin renewal rate and fighting free radicals.

    Sovage Dermatologic Laboratories develops and distributes sophisticated skin care products formulated for the face, lips, and body.

    Sovage Idebenol has been clinically proven to increase the speed at which new skin cells replace old skin cells in 67-year-old women to that of a 29-year-old-woman. Idebenol is also a highly selective free radical killer, which helps skin to look younger and firmer.

    Sovage Idebenol is leading treatment for aging skin. It reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and crow's feet; increases skin firmness and elasticity; and improves skin hydration--all within a few months of continued use.