• SunSpot ES has been discontinued. Please see our other comparable treatments for hyperpigmentation.

    Nobody wants to admit all those times they've basked in the sun without sunscreen, but sometimes your skin gives you away. SunSpot ES Gel is a revolutionary breakthrough formula designed to diminish the visible appearance of troublesome sun spots and hyperpigmentation that defy the natural beauty of your skin.

    SunSpot ES Gel was created by LaneLabs, under the direction of company President, Andrew Lane. With a mission to combine cutting-edge research, efficient and effective products and customer education, LaneLabs has created some of the most renown skin care products, such as SunSpot ES Gel.

    The lightweight gel is actually a powerful product designed to safely remove excess patches of pigment from your skin. Ingredients such as Salicylic Acid, Glycolic Acid, and Glycoalkaloid Extract work together to exfoliate surface cells and reveal softer, cleaner, healthier skin.

    With a powerhouse formula to combat sun spots and hyperpigmentation, SunSpot ES Gel will actually heal past sun damage. So, although you should know that you should never go out without sunscreen, SunSpot ES Gel can help you rid your skin of the visible past damage.