• Strengthen and whiten teeth with SuperSmile Oral Care. This trusted brand was invested in helping to whiten teeth before it became a craze, and continues to offer effective and safe products.

    Founded in 1987 by Lucia Smigel, SuperSmile toothpaste was the first whitening toothpaste, created by Dr. Irwin Smigel. Originally created as a gift to patients to keep their smiles white between visits, word soon spread and people were lining up to get the toothpaste for themselves. Lucia Smigel saw this as an opportunity to turn the toothpaste into a business venture, and soon was at the forefront of the tooth whitening industry.

    Calprox is SuperSmile’s proprietary form of Calcium Peroxide. Calprox works by dissolving the thin film of protein called pellicle that forms on the tooth surface, to which bacteria and stains adhere. Calprox is much safer than other whitening ingredients as it is free from silica, a harsh abrasive that often damages the tooth enamel.

    When teeth are freed of pellicle, the surface is left cleaner and brighter, for a more radiant smile. Calprox is gentle and effective on artificial surfaces such as bonding, veneers, and dentures. SuperSmile products are also formulated with Baking Soda for fresh breath and Calcium and Phosphates to help strengthen enamel.