• In 1948, Danielle Roches created the first TALIKA skincare product: an anti-bacterial cream designed to help those who suffered from sensitive skin. Since the launch of that first product, TALIKA has made its name creating products designed to meet every woman's need. TALIKA skincare products are especially known for their healing and strengthening qualities: lashes grow longer and stronger than ever before and irritated skin is soothed and strengthened. The secret is Lipocils, which is found in all TALIKA products today.

    One such product is TALIKA Eye Decompress. This product helps soothe puffy, red and tired eyes and makes them look and feel as good as new, so whatever stresses or irritates plagued the user the day before are gone the following morning. Chiqui, a SkinCareRx customer said,"I have used this twice and both times I fell asleep, I was so relaxed! I love this and would recommend it."

    Another product that uses the Lipocils ingredient is the TALIKA Lipocils Expert. This product is designed to strengthen your lashes in less than a month; after consistently using the Lipocils Expert, your lashes will be stronger, longer and thicker, with no side effects. One SkinCareRx customer, Tara, said,"My lashes were noticeably longer, darker, thicker and even had more curl!"