• Everyone wants to stay looking as young as possible. Tensage has released a line of skin care products that are designed to help the skin retain its youthful appearance. One of the most popular products is the Intensive Ampoules. The active ingredient in this product is SCA, which helps improve the collagen and elastin in the skin. SCA is a naturally occurring Secretion of the Cryptomphalus Aspersa. Scientists observed that the Cryptomphalus aspersa (a specie of snail), following an injury, produced this secretion to repair its skin in as little as 24 hours. SCA is a biologically active, glycoprotein secretion. SCA stimulates biochemical, structural and functional processes to regenerate damaged tissues. SCA has been proven to repair human skin. This product is designed to help reduce the signs of aging within seven days. Paula, SkinCare RX customer, had the following to say about this product, "I am so glad SkinCareRx now has these products. They are really wonderful.”

    Tensage Eye Contour is another one of the most popular Tensage skin care products. It helps reduce the signs of aging around the eye by improving elastin and collagen. The active ingredient in this product is SCA. The eye contour is designed to be used once or twice a day. Buvette, SkinCare RX Customer, had the following to say about this product “"The fact that I can use it, and it does not irritate my very sensitive eyes makes it, for me, very good.”