• The Vie Collection is a luxurious line of marine-based cosmetics. It is designed to target troubling skin conditions with high-end ingredients and expertly created formulas. Vie products contain Lipohydrane®, a complex full of amino and fatty acids. These products also contain ingredients that directly lower levels of the particular hormone responsible for skin stress.

    The Ritual Hydra-Renewing Mask is a customer favorite. Packed with fortifying beta-endorphins to rejuvenate and rehydrate skin, it leaves skin silky smooth after use. It is specially designed to work with other Vie Collection Skincare products.

    Applied twice daily, the Targeted Care Dark Circles Corrective Cream is proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also reduces the appearance of crows feet. Created with a complex containing ash bark, it stimulates the circulatory system and increases blood flow to the skin around the eyes, therefore minimizing dark circles and under-eye pigmentation. It is formulated with Marine Samphire, which contains the same properties as retinol without the irritating side effects or the unnatural preservatives and ingredients.

    The Vie Collection Skincare line of products is a great choice if you're looking for marine-based, all natural, expertly developed products.