• Viroxyn Skincare is expertly formulated and developed to treat cold sores and fever blisters. This line of products relieves the common symptoms of itching and burning related with this strain of the Herpes virus. The active ingredient is recognized by the FDA to be an acceptable germicidal treatment for a topical mature virus. Formulated with Benzocaine, a local anesthetic, pain is reduced almost immediately after application.

    For most people, Viroxyn is a one-time application, which greatly differs from every other remedy on the market. Most people report feeling significantly less pain just minutes after their first application. It shortens the duration of the cold sore from ten days to three or four days.

    The Viroxyn Cold Sore Treatment is medical grade cold sore and fever blister medication, available without a prescription. It even comes with a keychain attachment so you can always keep it with you-- great for those unexpected breakouts! A customer favorite, each package contains three vials with applicators-- no touching the cold sore or fever blister with fingers! "I felt pain relief immediately, and the sore stopped blistering about a half an hour later. Five stars on this one!” – Jan, SkinCareRx Customer.