• While a sun-kissed glow may look fantastic, getting it the usual way can be a scary prospect. Soaking up the sun has been shown to cause premature aging or skin cancer, and even tanning beds are no longer considered safe. A sunless tan is the only really safe way to get some summer color, but this method has never looked completely natural, until now.

    Unlike typical self-tanners, XEN-TAN self tanner never looks orange, lasts a long time and fades gradually. In addition, this product will never rub off on your clothes. With the XEN-TAN sunless tanning system, you will get a beautiful, sun-kissed glow, and your skin will have a healthier appearance.

    For the darkest natural-looking tan, XEN-TAN Dark Lotion delivers long-lasting results, thoroughly conditions your skin and has a cherry and almond fragrance that is absolutely exquisite. “I love this stuff. Whenever I apply it, I get comments about how beautiful my tan is. People think I have lain on the beach.” – Anonymous, SkinCareRx

    For a self-tan that deepens over time, XEN-TAN Transform Gradual Self Tan mimics what the sun does naturally and does it while hydrating and conditioning the skin, so you are left with a beautiful summer glow. “Transform is great for use during the day. It has a fresh scent and doesn't feel heavy. It also leaves you with the smoothest, most natural looking tan ever!” – Mike, SkinCareRx Customer