• Enjoy the benefits of Yu-Be Skin Care products that include the bestselling vitamin rich, medicated skin cream in Japan. Its simple but effective formula has been hydrating and healing skin since 1957. Yu-Be's success begins with Glycerin, a gentle but effective humectant that attracts moisture to your skin. Camphor soothes and cools irritated skin. Vitamin E will further protect the skin. The product lineup from Yu-Be Skin Care can take on any dry, cracked skin and lips and begin to renew them and return them to a more vibrant appearance. Yu-Be is known for products that are ultra-moisturizing while remaining grease-free. 

    Yu-Be Jar contains essential vitamins in a rich, hydrating formulation. Stressed, dry skin will be no match for Yu-Be's moisturizing ingredients as your skin is healed, calmed, and made radiant once again. Formulated for use on both your face and your body. “If you have very dry skin (my heels are so bad they are constantly cracked), this will be your "miracle in a jar"!!!” – Lisa, SkinCareRx Customer

    Their Foaming Skin Polish will make your skin radiant and more youthful skin once again. Remove those dull, dead skin cells, stimulate circulation, and infuse your skin with age-fighting anti-oxidants. Enjoy resurfaced and brightened skin that will leave you feeling relaxed and confident.