• Please Note: Zeno has been discontinued. Tanda ZAP Acne Spot Treatment Device is a comparable treatment.

    Finally, a fast way to treat those terrible pimples that seem to pop up overnight. The Zeno Acne Clearing Device is a unique heat tool that speeds the healing of acne by killing bacteria in the pore, leaving you with clear, healthy skin.

    Zeno is developed and marketed by Tyrell, Inc., a medical technology company focused on the development of medical devices for the treatment of skin lesions. The company's first groundbreaking new product was Zeno, which has revolutionized the home treatment of acne.

    Using proprietary ClearPoint Technology, Zeno provides precisely controlled heat to destroy the bacteria that causes common acne, significantly reducing the healing time of pimples. Zeno's biocompatible tip is designed for direct contact with a pimple. As the tip transfers heat into the follicle, an internal PID controller chip continually regulates the temperature, adjusting the flow of energy to match precisely the heat absorption of the individual user. An integral digital timer controls the treatment time. The level of heat does not cause any skin damage.

    The Zeno products we supply are more advanced versions than the original Zeno you find at the drugstore. The Zeno Pro has the highest usage capacity available without a prescription, 90 treatments. The Zeno MD is a physician-strength tool, delivering 150 advanced treatments.