• ilike organic skin care brings you the best of nature through skin care products infused with herbs, fruits and vegetables. Created in Hungary by Ilike Molnar, ilike organic skin care brings you effective skin care products taken directly from Mother Nature. ilike uses mineral-rich waters from a subterranean thermal spring to heal dehydrated skin. These organic products heal a variety of skin ailments including acne, sun damage, wrinkles and sensitive skin issues.

    ilike stonecrop whipped moisturizer is like an organic boot-camp for your face. Dehydrated, irritated skin benefits from the Stonecrop and Vitamin C formula. The natural ingredients soothe irritated skin, replenishing moisture while brightening and evening skin tone. "An unexpected result is that it completely faded the dark circles from under my eyes! No eye cream I've ever tried has done that.” – AP, SkinCareRx Customer

    Revitalize tired, dull skin with ilike nettle exfoliating wash. Using a combination of flaxseed, nettle and Vitamin E, this face wash has powerful results. The natural anti-inflammatory and nourishing ingredients heal and soothe skin, while polishing away dull, flaky skin. “This leaves my skin feeling very clean but never dry.” – Stacy, SkinCareRx Customer