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Kinerase has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Viewing any product below will provide you with a recommended alternative product.


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Kinerase's key ingredient is kinetin. Derived from the blue anemone flower, it keeps the flower from drying out and withering. Like the flower, our skin needs natural moisture to keep it healthy and vibrant. By including kinetin in its formulas, Kinerase halts skin aging. The Pro+Therapy line contains zeatin, derived from plant RNA, which reduces wrinkles and hyperpigmentation in the skin.


Looking for a face lift in a bottle? Look no further than Kinerase Extreme Lift Face. It's an advanced, power-packed formula designed to target and eliminate the appearance of visible fine lines and wrinkles. With soothing ingredients such as green tea extract, your skin will be tighter, firmer and 10 years younger without ever feeling uncomfortable.

To get the most benefit from your Kinerase skin care regimen, start with the Gentle Daily Cleanser, which cleans deeply while remaining gentle enough to use on your eyelids.

-Customer comment: "This is a good cleanser. Creamy, yet lathers nicely. Removes all traces of eye makeup without irritating the eyes." -Nikki


Developed by Valeant Pharmaceuticals, a company with over 20 years of experience in dermatology, Kinerase is the first product line to utilize the anti-aging benefits of kinetin and zeatin.

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