• Acne can be a challenging skin condition affecting everyone from teenagers to adults. The key to fighting the bumps and blemishes common with acne-prone skin is to find an acne care program that soothes and heals skin, while cleansing away the dirt and oil that can clog pores. The best acne treatments are both gentle and strong, knowing that fighting blemishes and revealing healthy skin are equally important for acne prone skin. These formulations contain all the powerful, acne-fighting ingredients but will also nourish and moisturize your skin.

    A breakout can cause the skin to become stressed, red and irritated, which can contribute to the development of more acne symptoms. M2 Skin Recovery Moisturizer is an ideal product for anyone who needs to heal and moisturize stressed-out skin. Oil-free and antioxidant rich the Skin Recovery Moisturizer is specially formulated to heal acne-prone skin. Use twice a day to reveal smooth, healthy skin with an even skin tone.

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