• Racoon eyes got you down? One of the most common skin care complaints is dark circles under the eyes. This problem may be very prevalent, but luckily it is also easily treatable with the right skin care products. There are multiple causes for this pesky discoloration, including lack of sleep, poor diet, sun exposure, aging, and heredity.

    Aging causes dark circles when the skin around the eyes thins and tiny blood vessels are exposed. With poor circulation, blood pools under the eyes, creating the dark appearance. Sunlight can also cause darkness around the eyes by raising melanin levels in the skin and bringing it to the surface.

    Our top choice for clearing dark circles no matter what their cause is Replenix Eye Repair Cream. It uses exfoliating Retinol, brightening Arnica, and healing Green Tea to repair under eye skin damage. An innovative ingredient to treat under eye circles is Human Growth Factors. NeoCutis LUMIERE Bio-Restorative Eye Cream restores the skin around the eyes to its youthful form, giving an illuminated appearance.

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