Mark B. Taylor, M.D., a world-renowned dermatologist and cosmetic laser surgeon, has been in practice for over thirty years. Since the origination of laser treatments for skin, Dr. Taylor has been a leader in the field of cosmetic laser surgery, pioneering and teaching many new laser techniques to over 4,000 doctors world-wide.

Dr. Taylor is President and CEO of Gateway Aesthetic Institute & Laser Center, located in Salt Lake City, UT. It is the largest dedicated cosmetic laser center in the world. Dr. Taylor and his well-trained staff use cutting-edge products and over twenty-eight different lasers to provide a range of high-quality services including removal of birthmarks, hair, scars, spider veins, and tattoos; skin rejuvenation and resurfacing; eyelid restoration and lip enhancement; tumescent liposuction and cosmetic skin surgery, acne, cellulite, and stretch mark treatments.

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The New Science of Beauty: Phototherapeutics

Healing and rejuvenating the skin with specific wavelengths of light is an important part of the new science of beauty.

Over the past five years, I have been doing research with Phototherapeutics, based in England. This company produces three bright diode light panels called Omnilux to treat acne-prone and aging skin. The wavelengths of light used in the Omnilux devices are 810 (invisible infrared light), 633 (red light), and 415 (blue light).

Each type of light improves the skin in a different way. Here’s the breakdown:
  • 810nm light is used to relieve pain, inflammation, swelling, and to produce new collagen and accelerate healing.
  • 633nm red light is the most active wavelength at inducing new collagen production in the cells to rebuild aged and damaged skin. This wavelength also activates photoporphyrins in the pore of the skin, creating singlet oxygen products that are toxic to bacteria and aid in the treatment of acne.
  • 415nm is also very active in activating photoprophyrins in the pores and killing the bacteria that cause acne.
Omnilux is available at physician’s offices worldwide to provide excellent treatment of inflammatory acne and to provide healing and rejuvenating treatments.

A company called Gentle Waves has also done research with pulsed yellow light. Their research has also shown benefits for skin rejuvenation when the yellow light is used on a regular basis. At present, no hand-held version of the Gentle Waves is available.

Finally, an innovative company is Toronto, Canada has invented a clothing line that includes yellow shirts, hats, and visors that are made out of phototherapeutic yellow cloth. As the sunlight passes through the cloth, the harmful rays are filtered out and only the rejuvenating yellow waves reach the skin. So, you can put on a yellow shirt and do phototherapy while you are playing golf, tennis, boating, or any other outdoor activity. This company also plans to produce a blue shirt that will treat acne as you wear it in the sun. Great idea, don’t you think?

AVEA Phototherapeutic Sunwear by SunSoul is now available at SkinCareRx. We have short and long sleeved men’s and women’s shirts and also yellow phototherapeutic hats. At a cost of $119.95 for the shirts, this is a great deal for continuous rejuvenating therapy while playing in the sun. AVEA Phototherapeutic hat runs $59.95. This is something you should put the whole family in for the summer. Simplify the wardrobe and be more beautiful by fall.

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