Mark B. Taylor, M.D., a world-renowned dermatologist and cosmetic laser surgeon, has been in practice for over thirty years. Since the origination of laser treatments for skin, Dr. Taylor has been a leader in the field of cosmetic laser surgery, pioneering and teaching many new laser techniques to over 4,000 doctors world-wide.

Dr. Taylor is President and CEO of Gateway Aesthetic Institute & Laser Center, located in Salt Lake City, UT. It is the largest dedicated cosmetic laser center in the world. Dr. Taylor and his well-trained staff use cutting-edge products and over twenty-eight different lasers to provide a range of high-quality services including removal of birthmarks, hair, scars, spider veins, and tattoos; skin rejuvenation and resurfacing; eyelid restoration and lip enhancement; tumescent liposuction and cosmetic skin surgery, acne, cellulite, and stretch mark treatments.

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Rosacea is a common skin disease that affects about 10% of the population and most commonly has its onset in the third or fourth decade of life. People with fair skin who easily flush are more likely to develop rosacea than those with darker skin. It is believed that an increase in redness caused by increased blood flow in the skin is a significant factor in the development of rosacea.

Many studies have been done to try to identify an infectious cause for rosacea including bacteria, yeast, fungus, and parasites. While any of these infectious agents could play a cause in the aggravation of rosacea, it does not appear that any one of them is the sole cause. Sun exposure and heating of the skin are common aggravating factors for many patients who have rosacea. Sunlight heats the skin, causing the skin to flush and that heat and flushing triggers the inflammatory response that is commonly seen with rosacea.

There are many forms of rosacea, some creating a severe inflammatory response in the skin with swelling, nodules, cysts, lumps, extreme oil production, and scars. Rhinophyma (an enlarged red nodular nose) is an extreme example of severe chronic rosacea. Examples of these types of rosacea and treatments I have performed are available on my website

It is always good to seek professional help from a board certified dermatologist to outline an effective treatment plan for acne and/or rosacea. Therapies may include topical and oral medications and light and laser treatments that can all be effective in the hands of a skilled and knowledgeable dermatologist.

We have learned from many customers that they see improvement in the appearance of rosacea while using M2 products. These are products that I have developed over the past 15 years. The M2 skin care line contains Mandelic and Malic acid. Improvement in the appearance of rosacea typically seen with use of these ingredients is not surprising considering the mechanism of action of these naturally occurring fruit acids. Malic acid is considered an antioxidant that may reduce the appearance of redness and inflammation. Regular use of these products can create an acidic environment on the skin that discourages the growth of bacteria and other infectious agents while helping to exfoliate pores. These benefits also greatly improve the appearance of regular acne a fact that is validated by the hundreds of testimonials we have received from M2 skin care fans.

I recently performed a trial on four patients using a new 12% formulation of the M2 Skin Refinish product for rosacea. The protocol I designed required twice daily use of the M2 Cleanser, M2 Skin Refinish 12% and the M2 Skin Recovery Moisturizer for two months. Photos were taken before, at one month, and at the conclusion of the study to evaluate the improvement in the appearance of the rosacea.

I am pleased to report that each of the subjects had marked improvement in the appearance of inflammatory papules, pustules, and overall redness. All of the patients wanted to stay on the product at the end of the trial because they had seen significant improvement with no adverse effects. Unlike some of the prescription products that I have used to medically treat rosacea, the M2 products greatly improved the appearance with no adverse effects and with excellent patient acceptance. I am excited to use these products alone or in addition to my medical and laser treatments for rosacea.

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