• Clay has a long tradition of internal and external use in natural healing and medicine. Consisting of phyliosilicate minerals, there are several colors and textures of Clay and each contains unique properties that are distinguished by the region and depth from which it was mined. Characterized as a bio-mineral, Clay consists of essential trace minerals and decomposed organic matter, which contain many beneficial phyto-nutrients.

    Ideal for oily and blemish-prone skin, Clay is used to draw out unwanted toxic substances, and absorb excess oils from the pores. Used in a mask, Clay not only removes impurities, as it dries the clay adheres itself to the surface skin cells, and gently exfoliates and stimulates the skin allowing better penetration of nutrients. Each unique variety of clay can further improve the health of the skin by providing essential vitamins and minerals.

    Types of Clay used in Skin Care:

    Sodium Bentonite Clay(Volcanic Ash Clay)
    Kaolin Clay
    Rhassoul Clay(Moroccan Red Clay)
    Green Illite (Montmorillonite: French Green Clay, Tuscan Green Clay)
    Fullers Clay (Multani Mitti Clay)